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Agents Page for ShotMaster Ball Machines  

So how does it work? Some of my sales are made through my contacts and customers referring anybody they know to my site. So, do you know any private court owners, tennis clubs, tennis coaches or schools that may be interested in a ball machine?

If so, you can earn 50 for referring potential customers to this site   

It is simple to register as an agent, just click on this email link >>>  richard@shotmaster.co.uk   

Email me your name, address and who you want your 50 cheque payable to, or if you prefer payment by paypal, your paypal email address.  I will put you on my agents register and send you your agents number. You can then refer any potential customers to the ShotMaster website. Just email them the website address www.shotmaster.co.uk and make sure that they mention your agents number when they contact me. Once a sale has been completed you will be paid 50 by cheque or paypal. Any questions please ring me, 01753 654523 (day) or 01753651923 (eve)